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Abutment Tissue Cuff:


Kerator has been chosen over other overdenture attachment systems because of its comfortable retention, power and excellent mobility.

Kerator Implant Abutments will fit all implant systems, and if you cant see your current implant system listed, please contact us and your abutments will be made within 10 days.


  1. Plastic carrier for the abutment makes it easier, safer to handle and check alignment in the mouth. 
  2. The lowest vertical height in the world.
  3. Dual retention (outside and inside retention ensures the longest lasting performance).
  4. Easy insertion (accurate alignment using self-locating design).
  5. Resilient Kerator attachment with superior mobility.
  6. 15 degree angled abutment can be used with non-parallel implants. Combined with the extended range male, it can correct more than 40 degree.

Using the Kerator tip you can thread the Kerator abutment into the implant easily and safely, and also check the alignment of the angle. Using the Kerator Magic tool, you can tighten the abutment and insert the male cap into the metal housing. The shape of the metal housing is dual-undercut which increases coherence with denture resin. 

The retention power of Kerator male caps is down, up to 20% and the red cap (angled) is included in the male package. Colours of the cap determine retention power and minimise denture repair even if there is change as bone loss is continued. 

Kerator abutments for the implant of each company are threaded EXACTLY, and NOT just compatible.

Kerator has many advantages and its cost is lower than other abutment overdenture attachment systems.